RFI: Offsets on the Market

Do you know of a specific offset project that UC might consider supporting with offset credits purchases?

Are you a sector expert familiar with a project type available on the offset market that we could examine for possible categorical approval?

The purpose of this request is to identify high quality offset projects or project types that reflect UC’s mission and values. UC will only procure offsets credits from projects that we determine through our own analysis, above that done by project registries, meet our environmental and sustainability quality standards.

Your suggestions will help us identify individual projects that achieve real, additional emissions reductions, and have a low risk of causing harm. We also hope to identify some projects that support UC's education, research, and public service missions such as by providing students with applied educational experiences; offering sites and data for UC research; having health and social justice benefits; promoting long-term climate solutions; and directly benefiting, or having connection with UC and surrounding communities.

As a part of this process, we will research several project types for possible categorical approval. We will publish these analyses to inform offset program developments. A project type can be all, or a subset of, projects eligible under an offset methodology. For example, all methane digesters at livestock facilities are a project type. All methane digesters on livestock facilities that have specific objective characteristics, like size, location, etc, are also considered a project type.

You can find our evaluation criteria here, and see a list of the wide variety of project types selling credits on the voluntary here.

Thank you for submitting a recommendation.