Examples of UC-initiated Projects

To give a sense of the wide range of possible UC-initiated project ideas, here are a few examples of potential projects:

  • Working with a large California dairy to reduce enteric emissions (emissions from cows’ digestive systems) through feed amendments (applies UC research)
  • Supporting the work of a non-profit in Haiti to disseminate compost toilets and apply the compost to agricultural soils (applies UC research)
  • Working with a developer or building manager to implement advanced lighting or energy technologies developed by UC (applies UC research)
  • Identifying, designing, and implementing landfill gas capture and use projects (applies new UC research to an existing protocol)
  • Working with a city, state, or national government on a plan to shift away from fossil fuel-based electricity (applies UC expertise to policy or program development)
  • Working with a local non-profit organization to improve energy efficiency in residential communities surrounding the campus where students live (uses existing protocol)
  • Managing UC-owned lands to hold more carbon, such as through the application of compost, or biochar, or tree planting (uses existing protocol; needs at least a 40-year commitment)